Great topic with a lot of philosophical value. I’m generally of the opinion that once you find something isn’t as you expected (i.e., you can’t open a file, can’t reach an API endpoint, etc), you pretty much need to bail, but you may need to handle it gracefully to avoid a bad user experience. Normal humans don’t care about the details (i.e., what the error code is or the exception type), but they do care about being able to get stuff done, and when they can’t, they want to know what they are supposed to do to resolve the problem, even if it is simply calling support to open a trouble ticket.

So for me, the key is failing fast, but having an error-resolution mechanism that still provides for a good user experience.

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I'm a technology enthusiast, always searching for better ways of doing things. Lately that has been all things React. I also write a lot on Medium. :)

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