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As part of my demo of oc in the OpenShift for Mere Mortals blog series, I did have to add an insecure flag to my Docker daemon, but only because the internal registry that OpenShift will create for its own operations uses a self-signed certificate. You can generate certificates and secure it if you want, but out of the box it is self-signed:

You can find the instructions for doing that here. Once I had corrected that, I also had to add a NO_PROXY entry to the daemon (I use systemd for managing my daemon, and the proxies are configured through it):

You can find the instructions for configuring this for systemd here. If you don’t use systemd, you can also configure your Docker client to use proxies — instructions are here. I also got a warning about HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY (which were configured for the daemon but were not passed to oc, but you can pass these in with some switches (in this case I’m referencing proxies set in environmental variables):

Originally published on June 11, 2018.

I'm a technology enthusiast, always searching for better ways of doing things. Lately that has been all things React. I also write a lot on Medium. :)

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